Use voip on your mobile differently

  • More stability because we do not use 3G, 4G or Wifi
  • Works like a SIP app without being one
  • A simple national call is transformed to voip in our cloud
  • Show the caller-id of your voip account
  • Benefit from the low call rates of your voip provider



Pindo uses a normal 2G network connection to place your calls

Nearly no data requirements

To place a call Pindo requires less than 2 KiloBytes of data

Swipe between multiple profiles

Easily switch profiles or voip accounts with a simple swipe movement

Record your calls

Record your conversations by pushing 99 during a phone call

No battery drain

Most voip apps use up to 2-3 times more battery during a phone call. Pindo does not

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You need an account at a voip service provider. Pindo is a mobile app that lets you connect to your voip provider without using SIP.

An app that is not using SIP or VoIP

Story behind Pindo

Pindo started with our need to use our current voip solution on mobile phones. We just did not want to show our mobile phone number when calling customers or even worse and hide our caller-id. We wanted to present the same number that we use in our office.

We tried every possible voip app but the conclusion remained the same. It sometimes worked and sometimes not. For our business needs this was just not acceptable. We needed something stable. We noticed that voip calls were using up to 3 times more battery than a normal call or the smartphones were constantly switching between Wifi, 3G, 4G, or no data at all and the situation is even worse when moving or driving.

Our idea was to transform a voip call into something that is proven. So instead of doing a voip call we make a normal mobile call but not to the destination number but to a fixed line number attached to one of our servers. Some might argue that data is cheaper but it really depends which mobile contract you have. National flatrates or plans with a big amount of fixed line minutes are available for any budget.

Technically we combined the idea of a normal mobile call with a very little data packet sent before the call starts. The single data packet has all the information our server needs to forward the mobile call to the voip provider. We can now present our business number and as a positive side affect we benefit from low international call rates.

We developed the idea and finally filed for a patent. The information is now public and can be found here:

What do people think?

I show my office number when I call someone even while playing golf.

Frank Maitry Merl, Luxembourg

I prefer to keep my mobile number private, but I can call from my smartphone and show my office number.

Lynn Saunders London, United Kingdom

Finally when customers call me back , they reach our office and get a professional phone reception.

Marc Duvelle Thionville, France

When the discussion becomes important, I just push 99 to record the call and can listen to it later when I have more time.

Patricia Seyler Trier, Germany

I save lots of money when calling my family, voip providers offer the best international call rates.

Pedro Arriola Delft, Netherlands

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a voip provider, can you include me in your predefined list of voip providers?

Please contact us at This should not be a problem.

Can you recommend a voip service?

Pindo tries to be neutral on this point. Any decent voip provider supporting the SIP protocol should work. But Pindo works as well with SIP pbx'es like Asterisk, 3cx, Cisco, Avaya, Innovaphone....

What about roaming?

Roaming is complex and we hope that the European Union will at least solve it in Europe very soon. If you stay for a longer time in a different country we recommend to buy a prepaid card or a short term contract at a mobile provider. After all, with Pindo it does not matter which SIM card you have, as your voip service provider will show the caller-id of your voip account.

Do you do app customisation?

If you need a feature or a fully customised app, do not hesitate to contact us.

More questions?

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